Volunteers at Turning Point complete client intakes, answer phones, work on the computer, and help with our small emergency food pantry. They also might be asked to help with fundraising, shopping and help during the holidays, and assistance with our special programs.

Baby Point can always use help in sorting and folding baby clothes.

Volunteers’ Stories

Hi. My name is Harriet. Growing up on the Cape my family was very poor. There were lots of us – 8, actually, and a Mother. We all worked very hard to survive. Age 11 was the magic age. When you turned 11 yrs old you had to work full time all summer long. And even though we worked hard we still needed help, and we got it, from an agency like Turning Point. Part of our life lesson was that if you get help you also give help to others. And so we did. Even to this day my siblings and I are paying our many blessings forward.

Finding Turning Point was a natural progression of our family principle. I am glad to be a part of Turning Point and joining with others working for the betterment of the wider community.


We had a client of Turning Points and the Nights of Hospitality that I worked with. He was one of several of my favorites . This gentleman spent his days in the library. He was an avid reader , always had a book in his pocket. Several people who knew him gave him books to read. I always enjoyed talking to him. One night after dinner he came up to me and said thank you. I took it to mean thank you for dinner. He said ” no thank you for treating me like a human, just talking to me. When on the streets no one talks to myself or the others like a human , I miss regular conversation”! I learned a lot from him as to how the homeless survive on the street, what an eye opener and impressive.