The Plan




The plan has four main elements:

 1. Housing

 2. Intervention

 3. Income and Employment

 4. Homelessness Prevention


Each element of the plan is managed by an implementation team with members from Wareham area agencies that specialize in services essential to that element’s goals and strategies. 

WACH has been a key contributor to the plan and is currently serving in the following implementation team leadership roles:

  • Lead Agency for Homelessness Prevention partnered with Southcoast Health Systems
  • Lead Agency for Housing as Co-Chair of the Working Committee
  • Key contributor to the Intervention Team through Turning Point’s engagement with many members of the homeless population in Wareham


Today WACH, through its Turning Point program, serves over 1500 clients per year in an effort to prevent & mitigate the impact and challenges of homelessness and near homelessness. We achieve this by integrating Wareham resources with federal, state, and private investments.

Across the nation, proactive communities have created plans using the federal strategy of Housing First which Wareham has created, launched and implemented. WACH fully is committed to fulfilling its role in the Wareham plan and will continue to support the community in preventing and ending homelessness.